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Adopt A Pet

Terms & Conditions / Procedures / Fees for Adoption

We receive a lot of the same question from those who are interested in adopting a pet from HOPE, “What do we have to comply to if we were to adopt a pet?”
Adopters have to have reasonable knowledge and the patience to care for them, to treat them as part of your family... The rest, does not really matter much!
Cats and Dogs have just about 10 years to live so please look into your next 10 years, would you have the ability to provide a reasonable environment? Are you going to suffer financially? Can you be responsible for another life? We would advise you to think it through, do not commit to adopting a pet impulsively!

Basic Requirement & Procedures for an Adopter

We hope that the adopter and his family can truly love the pet that they have adopted, please read the following list of requirement carefully, think it through, do not make any impulsive decision. Pets need loving care, and they could have more than 10 years with you, just like your family.
So please only contact us after you have read through the following list and that you have made careful consideration:
  1. You must be above 18 years of age, and that you have acquired the consent of the ones living with you and that in the future, you will not abandon your pet because you were moving to another place, getting married, having children or because the pet has aged or gotten sick. Please ensure that no one in the household is allergic to animals.
  2. You have come to HOPE to select a suitable pet, our volunteers will then check the record to see if the selected dog/cat is being fostered or has been adopted. A home visit will be arranged to assess if your home is suitable for the selected dog/cat. Approval will only be granted if your home is deemed suitable to keep a pet.
  3. A legally bound adoption document must be signed by the adopter. In the adoption document, you will have to agree to provide a suitable living condition to the adopted pet, including medical care, vaccination, spaying and microchipping and transferring ownership of the pet without the knowledge & acknowledgement of H.O.P.E. is strictly prohibited.
  4. The adopted pet is not to be given to anyone else or abandoned under any circumstances. If you cannot keep the pet anymore, please do not abandon it as this will again traumatize it on more time. We would advise you to notice H.O.P.E. of the situation and acquire our agreement to send it back to H.O.P.E.
  5. You must agree to let H.O.P.E to make house visits periodically to ensure that the pet is properly cared for. Findings of mistreating the pet or non-conformant to the agreed terms, H.O.P.E. reserves the right to revoke the adoption approval.

Adoption fees

Vaccination + spaying + microchip = RM250/Cat, RM350/Dog (not refundable)

House visit after adoption

We make house visits for the good of the adopted pets, we guarantee that we will do our best to avoid causing any inconvenience to the adopters and/or their family.
We do this because we need to make sure that our cats/dogs do not fall into the wrong hands (we have had some very disturbing experience!), also, we are concerned about the patience of some adopters (some might not be able to cope) and we must ensure that the pets are not abused in any way, shape or form.

Our Opening Hours

Because there are more than 2000 cats and dogs in the compound to be taken care of, and on top of that, rescues and vet runs are only handled by Aunty JIAJIA(the founder) only, we cannot have H.O.P.E. opened to the public daily. Your understanding is very much appreciated.
We have Dogs Bathing Day every 3 weeks, so that potential adopters/visitors can come and look at the cats/dogs that they would like to adopt. After that, we will arrange for our volunteers to make house visits prior to going into the adoption procedure.
If you really cannot make the bathing day, please make sure that you make an appointment with the person in charge so that there’s someone to attend to you. For information about adoption, please contact Ms. Iris Leong at 012-7167123.


Most of the furkids here did not have a good life, they are traumatized in some ways (each of them has a story to tell if you just ask), we are willing to put in 10 times the effort just to get them to forget their sad past and give them happy memories. H.O.P.E’s compound is nothing fancy, though tough, and there is still a lot of room to improve, we will not give them up, this is their shelter, and their forever home, if they don’t get to be adopted.
Therefore, we sincerely hope for adopters to give the furkids continuous tender loving care, so that these poor furkids get to live in a new home that is filled with love, new owner(s), new live. Please be kind to those living around us (both people and animals). Please adopt instead of buying, give these furkids perfect homes.
The most important thing: Do not abandon after adoption.
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