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Dog Food Sponsorship

We sincerely seek for your help - H.O.P.E shelter is seriously lack of dog foods.
HOPE are currently sheltering over 2000 homeless cats and dogs. Each day, we need a total of 1,200KG of dog food, which means we need a total of 36,000KG dog food monthly to feed all our furkids.
We hope that you can do your utmost by purchasing some dog foods from pet shop and give us a contact after your purchase, 012-716 7123 (Iris Leong)/ 016-791 1638 (Aunty Jia Jia). Thereafter, we will arrange our volunteer to go to the designated pet shop to collect the dog food and send to the shelter.
Alternatively, if you know the location of H.O.P.E shelter, which is located Pekan Nenas, Johor, you may directly send the dog foods there.
For the sake of furkids, we will try our best to get sufficient dog foods to feed them. However, all these efforts certainly need your help and support.
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