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    Ba Ge
  This is Pug Ba Ge, the famous breed. 6 years old now, and having serious skin and eyes inflammation. We believe that the inflammation is the reason he is abandoned by his owner.  
  Ba Ge Pug has cute and round big eyes and is favoured by many people. However, also due to its round big eyes, it needs extra cares, if not it will easily having eye inflammation which we normally known it as 'dry eye'. A girl found Ba Ge by the roadside. Ba Ge was reckless on the road without giving attention to the cars on road. The girl saved Ba Ge and she thought that it is a lost dog and so she used social website trying to find back the owner. However, the result was in negative.  
  Due to the fact that the girl is actually a tenant, she is unable to adopt Ba Ge and so she contacted us, hoping we can handle and take care the cutie Ba Ge, to bring him into the big family of H.O.P.E  
  Ba Ge will receive medical treatment in H.O.P.E for its skin and eyes inflammation. After neutering and vaccination, we welcome poeple who like Ba Ge to give him a warm and sweet home.  
  This is Bibu that was found wandering around the garden in Pelangi Indah who has nobody to depend on.  
  She is very skinny and has dog lice all over. Her mouth was also injured and bleeding.  
  With the condition that we see on Bibu, we suspect that she was abandon by her owner. Normally domestic dogs are hardly able to compete with stray dogs. Once domestic gods are abandoned, they have to pick up the surviving skills as a stray in a short time. If they can¡¯t adapt and compete with the strays, they are unable to fight for food and territory and becoming a loser. They have to bear with starvation and the weather. Bibu is the loser in this situation.  
  Now Bibu has been saved by H.O.P.E. and joined the big family. We are trying to let her put on weight, not letting her to admit defeat but becoming a fighter in life.  
  Bibu, it is bless to live on and becoming a winner. H.O.P.E welcomed you and get along with the others.  
Abandoned and had met with an car accident which leads to paralysed-Cedric.
A kind-hearted boy found a struggling and lying in the road with a pool of blood, the car who run over the dog had fled, the dog are on the verge of dead and the blood has been flowing, a lot of people have witnessed but nobody is willing to lend a helping hand for this seriously injured dog!
We named the dog Cedric, after veterinarians diagnosed, Cedric left front and rear legs bone has been broken, which will lead to permanent paralysis, currently Cedric need to stay at the vet for further check and treatment due to severe blood loss and weak body.
Cedric is initially someone pet, but we do not know why the cruel owner abandons her to the streets until he met a terrible car accident, and cause this sad tragedy!
Right now, we can not believe our eyes that seeing him standing and start walking. We thought he might paralyze after the terrible accident. His tough and strong minds make us proud of him.
'Cemerlang' is a loyal dog. He accompanied his owner for seven years. But his owner abandoned him due to the smelly wound coming out from his body. His owner tied him on the grassland beside the road letting the sun shine on him regardless his life and dead.
On the rescue day, we got the permission from the owner to take away Cemerlang. This is how we got to know the ill-fated story of Cemerlang.
Cemerlang was continuously beaten up by foreign workers and caused scar-wounds everywhere on his body. He went home with his wounds but his owner did not bring to vet's clinic for treatment and totally ignore him. After two weeks, the wound on Cemerlang's body getting worse especially the wound on his head which is full of worms and caused foulness. Due to intolerable smelly wound, Cemerlang heartless owner tied him on the grassland outside their house. We rushed Cemerlang to the vet's clinic. Based on vet's diagnosis, due to Cemerlang was tied under the sun, he was dehydrated. Additionally, everywhere of his body was full of big and small wounds. The most critical part of the wound was on his head which has already infected by worms deep to the brain. It is estimated that the wound on his body was already two weeks. The most worried is that due to the major wound, Cemerlang is now in a critical period. Vet will try their best to save Cemerlang and hope that miracle will appear.
Seeing the wound on his head, we can imagined how suffer he is. Even his only relative which is his owner also can turn his eye away by tying him outside waiting for dead. Seven years of relationship vanished in return of cruelty. The heartache is more painful than the pain on the body. Furkid, please do not fed-up. Now, we will try our best to protect you so that you can feel our warm and embracement. We received good news from the vet stated that currently Cemerlang depends on his will and finally gone through the danger and tough period.
Currently, he is more stable compared to before and already undergo ligation. Cemerlang no longer requires to be quarantined, and has joined the big group to start a new lease of life. We are all happy for him.
This is Colly which is an old Chow Chow. Colly owner has passed away and has since then is has been taken care by the owner’s mother.
As Chow Chow is not easy to take care, its thick fur will cause a lot of disease. Colly ears have been suffering from inflammation and the vet couldn’t cure it.
As the owner can’t take care of weak Colly and can’t bear him to suffer. The owner decided to euthanize him to seek for relief. H.O.P.E. decided to take over Colly case to provide him a more comprehensive medical care. We wouldn’t give up easily.
Please do not make a decision on euthanize easily as their life is precious. Colly have a lot of memories of his late owner and also the memory of his owner. Euthanize is a cruel decision.
Colly is already in his old age, we hope that he will recover soon and spend rest of his life peacefully. We will accompany you Colly.
    Da Tou
This is Da Tou, a stray dog in Bukit Indah. His right ear has a big and deep wound.
One day, which nobody know the reason, Da Tou run up to a cosmetology shop seems looking for help. H.O.P.E. received the cal from them and picks him up to the vet.
According to the vet, they are not sure how it causes the wound on Da Tou right ear.
We hope that everything is not late and wound does not worsen. At the moment, we have to let Da Tou to received proper treatment, let the wound heal and restore his vitality.
His head had a frightening wound and has recovers after a proper treatment. Therefore we have confidence in Da Tou that he will recover and join our big family and make new friends.
Recently we received a distress call about a dog needed help. Our volunteers were arranged immediately to the rescue. According to the instructions from the informer, our volunteers were able to find Eco hidden under a car.
We hit rocky start with the rescue mission. Eco was very afraid of people and kept his distance from people. Our volunteers decided to lie down under the same car to calm Eco down and try to win his trust. Eco relented eventually and was rescued after hours of effort.
It took everyone¡¯s surprise that there are numerous wounds and cuts of various sizes all over Eco¡¯s body. Further, his face was full of blood and wounds. It was a mystery at the time as how and what did Eco had encountered.
We took Eco to Vet and his medical report gave us shiver. Eco¡¯s serious medical condition is suspected of acid attack deliberately. The highly corrosive sulfuric acid led to his severe ulceration, many bad wounds were so deep that his bones are visible. Eco requires special medical treatment in order to prevent further infection and spreading.
Eco has discharge from the hospital and being recuperating in the shelter. It¡¯s glad that in 2 weeks, under the care of the workers, Eco has put down the fear to humans and willing to accept humans again.
His front limb has shrunken into a lump of flesh which hangs weirdly. He is in great pain, he must be. No one knows how long he has borne with the horrible plight.
His name is Kobe, he is about five to six years old and was rescued by our Indonesia friend in Masai. We believe Kobe was involved in a road accident and the car has crushed his front limb. He must have licked his wound in his attempts to stop the pain. Eventually, his front limb has shrunken into a lump of flesh,exposing the bone, the wound was menacingly scary.
After being rescued, the vet recommended that Kobe undergoes amputation to save his life. Kobe has since undergone amputation to remove the lump of flesh. He is now three-legged and is still adapting to his new self.
We can see Kobe’s smiles again as he embraces his brand new healthy life, moving around with his remaining limbs and playing happily with his new friends.
She is Liddy, a poddle. Dirty & untidy, while we saw her along the street. We believed she is wandering on the street for a long time already.
The blood and blister on Liddy's ears had turn her ears and neck's fur become black. We able to find numerous of maggots, which are trying to feed from the ear's wound. Liddy is struggling and suffering from the pain caused by rotting wound.
A pail of maggots was taken out from the wound on Liddy ear and neck. Liddy unable to remove those maggots out from her body. Endure, is the only way Liddy can do. Unfortunately, veterinarian had verified that Liddy hearing neuron system already been damaged by maggots. Liddy, lost her capability of listening and become deaf forever.
After investigation, we strongly believed that Liddy was abandoned by her owner, when they knew that Liddy was sick. Liddy will not become deaf, if she able to receive a well treatment before the wound get serious. But all is too late.
Liddy has turned into a beautiful child after a few months of recuperation. She loves to stay close to Aunty Jia Jia. Aunty Jia Jia is always touched by Liddy¡¯s sweet and loving nature.
Someone poured boiling water on him cruelly, he was in great pain from the lacerated flesh.
As he did not receive medical treatment promptly, he suffered from serious inflammation of the wounds, his head and neck were bloodied, all he could do was to endure the terrible pain and wail sadly, all he had were his injuries and nothing else. We named him Max, a kind Indonesian counterpart found Max at a hawker centre in Masai.
We were appalled when we saw Max¡¯s wounds, it is hard to imagine how he could endure the wrenching pain. He smelled badly due to his serious wounds. No one loved and cared for Max, perhaps some passers-by will cast him sympathetic glances but no one lent a helping hand.
Max was sent to the vet to receive proper medical treatment, he is very obedient and allows the vet to clean his wounds and apply medication quietly.
Max has been discharged from the vet and joins the H.O.P.E family. We will take good care of him and ensure that his wounds heal as soon as possible so that he can play with his mates happily.
This is Power, a stray less than one year old. Power had a big horrible wound that stretched from his neck all the way down to his back, with maggots gnawing the mess of flesh and blood.
We rushed to the location where Power was upon receipt of a report from an Indonesian girl. When Megahria had Power rescued, he was immediately sent to the vet clinic for treatment.
Based on the vet¡¯s diagnose, the wound Power suffered was caused by hot water deliberately poured on him by humans. As Power did not receive immediate treatment, his wound was badly inflamed and deteriorated by the day to the condition shown in the picture.
Power has been neuter and has being discharge. His wound will still need treatment for a long period, hopefully that his condition will get better.
Dear brothers and sisters , my name is Toby. Am I look totally different currently if compare to previous photo? Before HOPE life , I was a stray dog. my life was hopeless & unpredictable. I only hope my wound able to recover itself after getting injured. Luckily an angel appear in my life. The angel is Miss Serence Ong , She sent me to vet immediately. I am not in this world anymore if I did not meet her. Currently I am living in HOPE family , thanks HOPE workers to look after me . Grateful to kind people who have donated to HOPE. I have many friends here. I am getting along well with them. Thanks to kind people make me have a happy & cheerful life. I hope that all brothers and sisters continue to help me, help us. only your kind donation allow us to have a new life .
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