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We are non profit and
non-governmental organization
which is currently located at
Pekan Nanas, Johor. Read more»

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Your every month tiny kindness, making up furkids everyday
greatest hope. Read more»

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May Help

  Caring furkids
  Rescue & adoption
  Maintain the hope shelter
  Contribute in our program
  Supporting education

Get Involved

  Adopt A Pet  
  Adopters have to have reasonable knowledge and the patience to care for them, to treat them as part of your family.  
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  Be A Volunteer  
  The animals need of you help! If you can afford one hour of your time, you could make a large difference in the life of an animal.  
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  Dog Food Sponsorship  
  H.O.P.E shelter is seriously lack of dog foods. We need a total of 36,000KG dog food monthly to feed all our furkids.  
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  Join Project Hope  
  From the day we decided not to give up the shelter, we know the war degin, a war that's no ending date and evil person.  
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Homeless & Orphan Pet Exist
We serve our community by taking action in instances of furkid cruelty, and abandonment. view more»
Please Help Us To
Spread The News!
We hope that you will help us in our
mission to end euthanization in millions
of animals, and to continue our
companion education program.
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Our Information
Any enquiries kindly contact, SMS no reply. (11am - 8pm (Daily))
Person In Charge : hopejbdonation@gmail.com

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